My Name Is Cody; I Do Many Things, Mainly:

I'm a Creative Director, Graphic Artist, Brand Strategist, Entreprenuer, Investor, Thought Leader

Coca Cola • Lionsgate • CitiBank • Tomorrow Ventures • Science Inc • GSK • Scouts Of America • Citarella • OCEG • US National Parks •Coca Cola • Lionsgate • CitiBank • Tomorrow Ventures • Science Inc • GSK • Scouts Of America • Citarella • OCEG • US National Parks •Coca Cola • Lionsgate • CitiBank • Tomorrow Ventures • Science Inc • GSK • Scouts Of America • Citarella • OCEG • US National Parks •

Professional Services

I've Spent My Whole Career In Startups, Raised Over $40M In Primary NFT Sales Throught The Dozens Of Projects I've Led, Built and Scaled 3 Creative Firms, Startups Are In My Blood.

I've been consulting early-to-mid stage startups since 2012. I specialize in full-cycle design services , comprehensive brand strategy development and workshops, short-to-medium notice creative staffing  and Web3 / Crypto Consulting / Advisory Roles.

Want To Work Together?

In House Creative Direction

You're a busy founder, you don't have time to design your product or find designers, your time is best spent on growth.

I'm a creative director and seasoned startup entreprenuer with over 10 years of experience working with venture backed startups of all sizes. I know what it takes to build beautiful and effective designs under pressure. Let me handle the creative side while you continue to do what you do best.

Not only will you have a great looking product, but you'll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is taken care of in-house. No more worrying about finding the right designer for your team, or whether they are going to be able to meet your deadlines. I've got this - let's get started!

 Perfect for Busy Startups and Technical Companies — Flexible Contract Options

Inhouse Work • Success Story: RealBlocks (Finance)
RealBlocks is an alternative investment platform with $77B assets under administation. They were a solely technical team who was displeased with the output of thier Agency On Retainer. I worked with RealBlocks and thier AoR to revitalize thier brand identity, build thier marketing websites and collateral, as well as help set them up with the creative resources they needed to grow and scale.

Short Notice Hiring • Success Story: Jungle Rumble (Gaming)
Jungle Rumble is a play-to-earn nft game where users can collect and battle teams of cute monkeys against each other online. In 2 weeks, I succesfully staffed our team full of key hires from my creative network. I hired: Lead Game Designer, Lead UX Designer, Technical Artist, Concept Artist, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and an Illustrator. We succesfully launched the game with limited issues.

3D Branding: Discover, Define, Design

3D Branding is all about discovery, definition and design. My signature process includes a series of deep audits that examine every inch for clues as to who you are or what makes you unique from other brands in the same industry and executive workshops to explore your brand's core values and battle test executive assumptions. These inform the creative direction so I can create something bespoke just right for my clients! In addition there will be research into marketing strategy development along with segmentation analysis which gives us insight into where our audience might find value within your product offerings.   Perfect for Startups and Enterprise Alike


Discovery is an audit of your brand's deepest held beliefs, provides objective insight into current positioning, and battle tests executive assumptions about future opportunities.

The goal is to provide context and understanding of the brand's current position and identify future opportunities. 

Services Include:
We Are Statements, Assumption Discovery + Testing, Deep Brand Audit, Messaging Audit, Persona Affinity Audit, Segmentation Audit, Findings Document


Definiton ascertains the essence,  story and structure of the brand in an objective and actionable format and provides deep insights into marketing and brand segmentation.

Establishing the core narrative, the personality and character of the brand as the basis for creative direction and product development.

Services Include:
Brand Character, Emotions, Messaging, Behavoir, Relationships; Persona Development & Segmentation, Deep Market & PMF Research, Value Props, Value Drivers, Mapping Products To Value Drivers, Naming, & More


Design is influenced by the other two phases, this allows the ability to create the perfect bespoke identity for your brand since the art direction is driven by validated data & insights.

Creating design options and developing the chosen route into an identity system to work across applications and modalities.

Services Include:
Logo, Colors, Type Systems, Icons, Layouts, Image Treatments, Brand Patterns, Branded Media, UI/UX Designs, Product Design, Illustrations.

Other Creative Services



If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind name for your business, you've come to the right place.

A great name is essential for any business - it's the first impression that potential customers will see. Let me help you find the perfect name for your company that will make a lasting impression.


Pitch Deck Design

I've designed decks for companies that have gone on to raise 10's of millions dollars. I understand what VC's are looking for and how to make it pretty.

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